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EastWest Productions Ltd. is a London-based independent film and television company, which was founded by Bensalem Bouabdallah in 1997. Over the last 23 years the company has produced a number of documentary films ranging across the fields of history, culture and art. EastWest Productions Ltd. is an organization dedicated to promoting and drawing attention to the wonders of life and the best in people.

The director of the company Mr. Bensalem Bouabdallah is a writer, director and producer. He has been working in film and television in various fields for the last 40 years.  For the last 30 years or so he has been exploring and producing films about the history, culture and arts of Islam focusing on Islamic Spain in particular.

Bensalem Bouabdallah

Bensalem was born in Tlemcen, Algeria. He speaks fluent Arabic, French and English. He lives in London.


1973 – 1974
Studied Theatre at Le Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, Paris.
1974 – 1976
Studied Film at Le Conservatoire du Cinéma Français, Paris.
1978 – 1983
Studied film direction and editing at The National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, England.


Writer, The Clock Maker – Drama Feature. Eastwest productions, London (under development)
2015 – 2019
Prod./Dir./Editor – Cordoba –A feature length documentary. Eastwest Prods.London
Writer/Director – Prayer – Documentary, distributed worlwide
2009 – 2013
Writer/Director – The Makkah Clock – Feature length doc. Distributed worldwide
2007 – 2009
Producer/Director, A.O.E -The Narrative stream – Documentary about
the world-renowned British/Arab artist Ali Omar Ermes. Eastwest Productions Ltd.
Corporate documentaries.
Writer, Abraham’s Call – The Story of Hajj. Eastwest Productions Ltd. London
2005 – 2006
Director. Corporate videos. Freelancing for Channel 4 TV.
Producer/Director, The Alhambra – A visual & musical exploration of 19th century
Romantic movement through a journey inside the Alhambra palace. Eastwest Prods.
2003 – 2004
Producer/Director, 500 Years of Silence – Doc. Eastwest Productions Ltd.London
Freelancing for Ch4 TV – The Hajj series & Kerbala 2004.
2000 – 2001
Freelancing for the BBC and other TV Channels.
1996 – 2000
Producer/Director, Andalusian Encounters, doc.45min. Eastwest Prods. London
Producer/Director, The City of Riyadh, corporate documentary, 30min.
Corporate documentaries.
Acting part, An American Werewolf in Paris, Drama Feature, Hollywood Pictures.
Writer, The New Traditionalists. A four part series about multi-cultural Architects.
1993 – 1994
Corporate documentaries. Freelancing for the BBC and Channel 4.
Writer/Director, 1492:The Shattered Utopia, doc.22min. IPCA Ltd. England
shown at the British Short Film Festival & the Raindance Film Festival, London, 1993.
1988 – 1991
Writer,developed a trilogy exploring the Aesthetics of the Islamic World,
Supported by UNESCO. Corporate documentaries.
Consultant Editor, Veronico Cruz, Drama Feature, Channel 4 TV / British Film
Institute/Mainframe Films. Prizes: Silver Bear,Berlin, Silver Hugo, Chicago 1988,
Oscar Nomination Best Foreign Language Film 1989.
1984 – 1986
Corporate documentaries.
1981 – 1982
Sound, Architecture for the Poor, documentary about the world famous
Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy.
Writer/Director, Une Enfant dans les Etoiles, short fiction.
Writer/Director, Du Joint à la Pravaz, short fiction.




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